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Tickingbot is a growing Tampere-based company specializing in software development and software testing. Nothing is more important to us than the quality of the work we do. This focus on quality makes us the most valuable partner for our customers.

Our experience includes working with global industrial companies and growing small and medium-sized enterprises alike. We design and implement software solutions for our customers - for embedded systems or for system level software. We also focus on helping our customers to navigate the challenges of software testing.

We often work as members of a customer’s internal development team as a consultant. We also do software projects.

Tickingbot was founded in 2016. We are a group of regular people who value fairness – this is manifested in the way we work with our customers and our employees. We want Tickingbot to be a great place to work for current and future colleagues!

Our services


Embedded software

Tickingbot has extensive experience in designing and programming embedded systems and system-level solutions. With our expertise, we strive to find solutions to even the most difficult problems. Our experience in software architecture design helps our customers to make the right technology choices. The high quality of our work and the suitability of the software to the specific needs of our customers are important for us.

We take on complete projects or, if you wish, parts of projects. Our services cover electronic design, software implementation in both Linux and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), construction of prototypes and delivery of the finished device.

We prioritize quality and efficiency in all aspects of our work. We optimize resources and minimize overhead to provide solutions that meet your budget constraints without compromising performance or reliability.

Our leading expert in the field is Tuukka Tikkanen, LinkedIn

Software development

Our roots are in embedded and system-level software and we have expanded our operations to include programming back-end systems. We think of systems and related issues not as discrete, disconnected parts, but as a single, broad entity. We also bring the expertise and knowledge needed to design connections across the system, e.g. cloud and security solutions.

In addition to technical expertise, producing a successful system requires in-depth familiarity with the industry. We have experience in developing software for both the engineering industry and in building systems for public administration.

Our leading expert in the field is Tuukka Tikkanen, LinkedIn

Quality assurance and software testing

We are experts in quality assurance and software testing. We help our customers in identifying problems and finding solutions. Our experts are able to customize the best testing approach for you and your business, including software tests and test automation. If you need a team member working on testing throughout the entirety of your project or for just a part of it, contact us, we can help to be your solution!

Our principle is that testing should only be done when truly needed and testing of our customers’ systems should be specifically tailored to serve their requirements. As projects progress and software components become more specific, testing plans are updated to meet changing needs.

Our leading expert in the field is Samuli Lahnamäki, LinkedIn

Master data architecture and development

Is you companys master data in order? Are all your systems using the same data throughout the company? Is ownership and governance of the master data on good level? If not, we can help you understand, maintain and develop your companys key data so that you get more value out of it. Our leading data architect has deep experience on tackling multi-domain master data challenges in global business environment.

Our leading expert in the field is Jouni Pimiä, LinkedIn


Would you like to be our colleague?

We are a team of down-to-earth doing extraordinary work. We want Tickingbot to have a culture of teamwork and fairness, that above all is a good place to work for current and future colleagues.

We do both long-term projects and shorter gigs in partnership with our clients. We often participate in clients' projects as consultants, but increasingly our goal is total project deliveries. We work flexibly on the customer's premises, in our office in Tampere and remotely from home.

As our business grows, we are looking for both experienced professionals and those just starting their careers to build Tickingbot together. You get the opportunity to work with different clients across industries and to use your expertise on an array of projects.

We aren’t looking to fit people into a predetermined mold because we believe that diversity is our strength. If you have the courage to try new solutions, the ability to find the answer to even the most difficult problems on your own, and the ability to work with different kinds of people, you may well be our newest coworker.

If you are interested, look to see if we have any jobs posted that interest you! And if we don’t have a suitable job available now, contact Matleena Piesala – we are adding new positions all the time. We want to hear about your career wishes and goals and to share more with you about Tickingbot.

Open positions

Software developer

Tickingbot is now looking for a self-driven **C/C++** **Software Developer** to join their team of nine experts in Tampere, to work full-time with projects in the industrial sector. In this role, you'll develop solutions alongside client teams and experienced colleagues, designing and implementing software for Tickingbots' customers across various industries. Tickingbot's current focus is on long-term consultancy projects, but they aim to shift towards project deliveries. Projects include developing measurement devices for large machines, modernizing a CNC machine with C++, and leading a large industrial software project.

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Tickingbot Oy, Visiokatu 4, 33720 Tampere

Tuukka Tikkanen

I founded Tickingbot in 2016 to create an organization, way of working and company culture myself. I have co-founded and built businesses before, but this is the first company I have built on my own. I put value in high quality and outstanding performance, and I trust this is reflected in our daily work.

Work culture is at the heart of how we operate. I am not a micro manager. I trust that people themselves know best, how to organize their work. Quick thinking and the ability to work on problems independently are characteristics that I appreciate. That you do not get stuck with a problem, but openly create different options to solve it.

My background is in embedded software design with which I have worked since early 1990’s, when I created my first embedded software for a mobile crane. Embedded systems are used daily in billions of devices and with IoT the number is only increasing. It is one of our key focus areas also in Tickingbot.

Idleness is not for me – I enjoy being active both mentally and physically. I began playing golf last summer: it offers social stimuli, as you play in a group. But it is also a mind game. Every shot is different, and you need to focus on each shot before hitting it. I also enjoy reading, playing board games, and of course, programming on my own time.

Samuli Lahnamäki

I joined Tickingbot in 2018. I am responsible for quality assurance and testing, and I have over 20 years of experience in this area. I like best the projects with public administration customers, where we drill in depth to how our society works on a wide scale of topics. Most of the work focuses on making people’s everyday better with well performing tools and software.

I came to specialize in testing by chance. While studying information technology and industrial economics at Tampere University of Technology, a friend of mine gave me a tip about a temporary job as testing specialist at TeamWARE. After seven months, Nokia acquired the company, and I continued in their testing team for 4.5 more years. In the early 2000’s, we introduced innovative methods of exploratory testing that did not become commonplace until the 2010’s. Only later did I understand how early new testing methods were introduced at Nokia and what great insights and expertise I gained there.

For the next 11 years I worked at Solita, where they already used agile development methods. I soon realized that in agile development projects documentation was not as thorough as to which I was accustomed. To fully understand a project, I had to get involved in it as early as at the software definition phase. This way, I was able to see the entire lifecycle of the software. For example, how needs and plans evolve throughout the project, and how initial requirements can be forgotten during the project. Even during acceptance testing, we need to make sure that the original goals for the software are met.

In this job, thoughts always revolve around solving problems, so it is good to find a counterbalance to it. In my spare time, I take care of our family’s farm, which my sister and I own now. We want to maintain the family home as a farm, but it is a labor of love that requires a considerable investment in both time and money. I also enjoy shooting with traditional firearms. You can concentrate only on shooting – if not, the shots will miss the target.

Juho Kokkonen

I was excited to join Tickingbot in 2019 because I am interested in the technical challenges inherent in system-level programming of hardware. Learning something new all the time is what keeps work fresh and interesting. From my very first day, the company culture has made Tickingbot a nice place to work. Work assignments are truly interesting. Our customers offer a wide range of software challenges that require thinking how to overcome challenges holistically. And our focus is always on delivering the best solutions to customers. But otherwise, we try to take things easy.

While I studied computer science at the Helsinki University of Technology, I wanted to try something else. By chance, I ended up studying watchmaking. Although that might sound a world away from coding, it requires a lot of the same disciplines – precision and patience.

I worked as a watchmaker for a few years in Germany. To advance in that career would have demanded moving to Switzerland, which my spouse and I agreed was not what we wanted/the right move for us. Instead, we moved to England where I joined a financial software company as a junior coder to develop software for IBM’s mainframe environment. I quickly learned that in hardware-based programming, you need to understand some of its special features and to create your own approaches to programming.

Outside of work, I spend time with my family. I also code as a hobby. Sometimes I work on game projects, and sometimes I code software for my own use. And lately, I have been driving races with a race car simulator. I also started playing golf this summer when the Tickingbot team got interested in it.

Matleena Piesala

My career at Tickingbot began in the spring of 2019. I have a wide scope of responsibilities, including sales, marketing, and HR. As our company grows, the most important HR task is recruiting for new employees. When I interview candidates for open roles, I am interested in seeing how their skills and career aspirations match both with our projects and with our way of working with clients. I know that interviewing can be uncomfortable for some people, so my target is always to have good interaction with the interviewee. It is important to cultivate a good work atmosphere which can be summed up as “you can come as you are”.

I majored in information technology and industrial economics at the Tampere University of Technology. During my studies, I realized that although I can code, I am not a coder. So, after university, I found a job at Nokia and worked in various technical sales positions. When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business, I moved over to Microsoft and continued there until its mobile phone operations were shut down.

I am interested in learning a lot about a little bit of everything. After leaving Microsoft, I studied data analytics at the University of Tampere and neural networks through Stanford University's online courses. I also studied macroeconomic theory simply because it interested me. Recently, I participated in HR management program at the University of Jyväskylä because I want to really understand the theory behind the work that I am doing.

But my life isn’t all studying! I like to take longer breaks in the winter. That’s when I spend several weeks, for example, skiing in Lapland or diving in Southeast Asia. That's absolutely the best!

Jouni Pimiä

I joined Tickingbot in 2022. I am responsible for data architecture focusing especially in master data. I have over 15 years of experience in this area. When I started my career in software industry over 20 years ago, I started as a coder. I was coding mostly something for database and business logic layers. From that I moved on to data warehouse projects, which I did for several big Finnish customers - both public and commercial. At that time nobody was yet speaking of master data as a term, but I later realized that many of my work assignments had actually been master data related already during this time. Products, customers, trains for railway company and so on.


The first actual master data project, which I participated started in 2013. A lot has changed from those days, but the principles have remained mostly the same. Have one version of key data elements maintained only in one place and use that everywhere. I have been fond of this area of software business maybe because it is quite easily approachable by business users as the key elements are familiar for all. But there is still plenty to do in many companies to achieve benefits of their data. My evaluation is that mostly it is so because of underrated master data. While working in the master data field I have also been in close contact with integrations as well, after all integrations are made to move the data. And by definition master data is the most widely used data in the company.


In 2017 I moved from an IT vendor to Nokian Tyres to work on the master data area from different perspective. This time I was working on the owning side of the data, which I was also developing as a data architect. This helped me to see the data challenges of a global commercial company, which does not concentrate on IT-development itself, but making products of their own. At Tickingbot my aim is to help customers in the master data field with the lessons learnt during these years.


If I had to say something, which is not nice about master data, it is the centric nature of it. While it is usually not so time critical with its long lifespan, the centric nature makes it critical for many people around the company and involved in many -if not all- IT-projects. This tends to lead pretty hectic time schedules amongst people working closely with master data. To counterbalance this stress in my spare time, I try to exercise as much as possible outside of the house. Lately I have been working on my golf swing. Hitting the ball with a driver is a great stress reliever!

Are you looking for software professionals or are you yourself a software engineer looking for new challenges? Do you have any other questions concerning our company? Let us know by filling the form and we get back to you are soon as possible.


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